"Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club" revival gathering in Chiang Mai!

Our always lively and generous member Gina Hope from Global Groove Life will be hosting a Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club (now HaaSii.Club)  "revival" event at her home in Chiang Mai on Wednesday 15 August 2018, from 2-5pm.

All members and friends who were part of our 2016-17 cross-cultural co-creation club "prototyping" activities (especially those of you still in Northern Thailand!) are highly encouraged to join us for this evolved version of a HaaSii Club experience, and please feel free to invite a friend!


Our first spiral


After years of prototyping: a refined HaaSii experience

At this gathering of old and new friendly faces, you'll get to participate in a refined short format of a HaaSii cross-cultural co-creation experience - this time focusing our brief moment of meaningful connection with each other on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Many elements of this unique 2.5 hr process may feel familiar from our co-creative moments in Thailand 2015-17:

  • personal and group reflection
  • conversation cards
  • love-leaves (some of you may remember the earlier "love-note" version). 

Some new elements have been discovered/added while prototyping with groups in the USA and Europe 2017 - 2018.

The resulting "HaaSii@Home" experience we'll share at Gina's is a context-independent and easy to lead "formula" for a turning any house, anywhere, into a HaaSii.Club house - where cross-cultural co-creative energies can spark and be shared for our common personal, local and global good. 

Take a break from your screen and treat yourself to a lovely afternoon of meaningful human connection. Join us! 

Planting seeds to spiral in Pai 2016


Back to the future for HaaSii.Club membership

At the end of the 2.5 hour HaaSii@Home experience Club Founder Christina Jordan will share where the Club is now headed since establishing a structural base in the USA earlier this year.

Specifically, you'll get 1/2 hour of news about how the member benefits plans that many of us co-developed over many months here in Northern Thailand, are now manifesting in an international members program beginning September 2018, which includes:

  • HaaSii Club gatherings you can attend worldwide
  • co-creative travel & adventure opportunities
  • HaaSii animator certification training
  • income earning opportunities, and 
  • transitioning to global member co-ownership 


Pai 2017


If you're able to attend on 15 August, be sure to register (click book now on the right and go to the bottom of the second page to "confirm"), so we can plan for enough cushions, cozy small group spaces and supplies.

If you invite friends, make sure they also register, and that they mention your name in the registration form. Confirmed participants will automatically update on this page.

Reconnecting will be exciting - you should plan to arrive from 1:30 so we can start together in circle at 2pm. Light refreshments will be available. 

See you there! 


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August 15, 2018 14:00 - 17:00 (GMT +07:00 Bangkok)

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This is not a public event. Gina's home address will be provided to known HaaSii club members and friends who register in a follow up email.

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